Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Let's get blocking!

Finally they are here! My very first hat block set and they are so beautiful! I just love them and the wood smells lovely! I may have a bit of a cold but I don't care I just want to get blocking my first hat on them! 
Smells good!

 I did imagine them to be a lot bigger but then pictures are not always great ways of giving you an accurate idea of what they look like... still though I have pictures like I promised!

The range as it stands

Cloche front view

Cloche side view

A-symeteric tip side view

A-symetetric tip front view

Dipped A-symeteric tip front view

Dipped A-symeteric tip side view

Flat topped tip with filler side view

Flat tip with filler front view

Beautiful aren't they? Though you may have noticed I have only got one brim block but I can work some creations out of it. The pictures illustrate what kind of basic shapes I can make with the blocks, but with the different tips I can make pill boxes as well.

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