Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Don't dare say Baseball caps are dull.

Reading through the pages of articles on Departures magazine's website, I found one on artistic baseball caps and I just love them!

I am certainly inspired by this one to make a very very heavy glass titled hat, perhaps a corset or dress, maybe both... but I just love it!

The Japanese lover in me adores this hat and could see my brother Jamie wearing it.
Clearly this one is not going to function as a hat... so does this one actually function as a type writer?

Check the Departures link and have a look at the awesome baseball caps.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fun, weird and funky!

When I was reading up on some of my favourite Japanese things I was looking at Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and I saw the art work for her new album, this one is for her limited edition version. I have to say I love the hat! I love how fun and how it breaks up the the very bubbly, pastle and sweet with the terror that only a shark brings.
 Her head though looks so dwarfed, but then that just helps the appeal of the cute appearence.
 According to a interview in NEO Magazine, she designs her clothes herself with the help of her stylist. I wonder if that includes the hat? I can see why she likes Katy Perry, it's something I could see her wear as well and why she gets compared to Lady GaGa.
 There is a potentinal for fun toy hats, though I suspect if I touch any of my little brother's toys I would be six foot under for even considering it.