Thursday, 23 August 2012

Harvey Nichols

Passing Harvey Nichols window is always a treat, the changing displays are always a source of inspiration and it's easy to end up nearly walking into the path of a picture being taken.
It was much the same when I took these pictures, people nearly walking through but since I was concentrating on the heads, it does make it less likely for them to interrupt my picture.
This first picture is that of a mermaid, her hair or headress, it is rather hard to tell which, seems like it has actually grown on top of the head rather than been placed there.The carefully placed shells really add to the effect, hence my inability to determine wither it be hat or hair.
The second image makes me want to just eat the fruit it looks so good, though I have one question is it sugared or not ( I like sugared fruit you see), either way I would like to eat it anyway. The way the fruit has been arranged with the hair, is masterful. It's one thing to buy a hat to match a outfit, but if it doesn't work with the hair, it just doesn't work with the outfit.
 The last is hard to spot in the display, but once you find her you will always know where to look for her. The ring of flowers helps her blend in and makes me think of the easter bonnets I had to make at school, though we didn't have as much in the way of flowers. Perfectly innocent and childlike, the little sprite in the garden.

Fringe festival hats!

Working in Edinburgh means being at the heart of its biggest events of the year. While out and about I caught these two in Princes street. I just love these felt hats, very crazy and eye catching, something you could certainly attach a memory of a brilliant fringe too.
It is a shame that you can't see the left hat very well because of the light, using a new phone can cause so much trouble for the first few shops and to actually take a picture on one of the few days to have sun.
The left hat is very simple in shape, just a overly large cone with a brim, the colours ( what you can't see :( ) ) is really what what catches the eyes.
The right hat, has got me thinking about how I could do something similar with a future hat design, with little orange strands.
I'm hoping these pair enjoy the Fringe!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blogger mobile!

Been so busy but now I've got a better job so that I can fund myself making hats. Also now that I have blogger on my iPhone I can take pictures of hats that I see in the streets and blog. Them to you all! Far better, no? I've seen so many hats in the past and no camera to take pictures to share( last camera phone was naff). Well let's see how this goes.