Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fringe festival hats!

Working in Edinburgh means being at the heart of its biggest events of the year. While out and about I caught these two in Princes street. I just love these felt hats, very crazy and eye catching, something you could certainly attach a memory of a brilliant fringe too.
It is a shame that you can't see the left hat very well because of the light, using a new phone can cause so much trouble for the first few shops and to actually take a picture on one of the few days to have sun.
The left hat is very simple in shape, just a overly large cone with a brim, the colours ( what you can't see :( ) ) is really what what catches the eyes.
The right hat, has got me thinking about how I could do something similar with a future hat design, with little orange strands.
I'm hoping these pair enjoy the Fringe!

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