Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hat goes for a walk, work in progress

Well yesterday I decided to take my steampunk hat out for a walk... complete with outfit.that I made.. it could do with more but I'll just have to work to add more to it all.
 Of course it did generate some stares and laughs, some people even asked about it. Sweetest thing was the little boy who asked be about it and then said he thought it was ugly, I pretended to be offened and asked him what would make it prettier he then changed his mind, said it was pretty.
 One person asked if I was going to a wedding, another was impressed that I was bold enough to go out as I choose to go.
My brother took the photographs, at my request he really enjoys photgraphy and I mislaid my camera at the time.

The waistcoat is actually made from the recycled leather from our old couch, but given my recent work outs I need to take it in again. I added a length of fabric around the bottom of the waist coat to give a drape across the back, it was reconised in the shop I bought it from when I went in.
Which is why I went out in the first place, now that I've blocked the new hat for my friend ( for another friend) and this time it worked out far better! This time I choose red wine instead of chocolate brown, fushia pink petersham ribbon and on the crown I have added some embordiered stitch ( my fingers still hurt from pushing the needle through)

To finish the decoration on the crown, I've attached a snake of green glass beads I bought at Bufty's beads years ago in London.

What I still had to get was a inner headband ribbon, lining and a ribbon  for the outerhead band.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Grazia next top Milliner... Should I?

Grazia launches tis competetion to find the next big milliner in the UK, where two of the judges are none other than Philp Treacy and Stephen Jones!

Part of me wants to go and book a ticket for London, grab my steampunk hat and give it a go... but at the same time I think I need another year before to build up some experience and neerve to even face doing something as big a deal as this.The rub is... what if there isn't one next year?
It does go to show how big millinery is coming to be though, if a magazine like Grazia is putting on a competition like this.
There is a lot of fear in presenting my work to the countries top... and I  just realised that I can't go even if I wanted to go! Prior legal commitments that will not see me going to a millinery competition as a valid reason to go!

Bugger... but what do you think? If I entered this hat do you think I would have had a shot? Or perhaps maybe I would be better of if I just making a new one that I have the actual blocks for... encase I need to make another one.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Ack! Learning curve...

Mistake: Choosing to make my first hat on my blocks in two parts and not playing around with fitting the hat blocks together properly... i.e with screws. Also stretching the crown to try and fit the crown... that should have been the first indication something was wrong My excuse though I did have the cold and wasn't thinking straight.

Result: Mis-shaped and a hat far to large for my head,let alone the friend that I had intended it to be for.

Learned: Using my blocks it would be better to block the hats all in one, using the screws they came with to hold them together first and stop when things are going wrong!

Next: Well I've ordered another piece of felt to make a new hat with and I'm going to recycle the failed one for parts. That I think is one of the brilliance of hat making... even if I do make a mistake I can just recycle the mistake and move on. This time though the hat will be perfection, because I will not accept any less!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have made a disaster piece, would anyone else like to share ?
Nobody ever gets anything right first time, trial and error. I've studied clothing design and the advantage was that then I could make a toile(practice piece) to make sure my patterns were right, to get the fit right but with hats you don't have that luxury. It gets made there and then and if it's a disaster send it to the scraps bin!
So what about my readers? Have you tried to make a hat or dress go wrong? Or did your cooking go askew? I've shared why don't you? :D