Friday, 2 March 2012

Ack! Learning curve...

Mistake: Choosing to make my first hat on my blocks in two parts and not playing around with fitting the hat blocks together properly... i.e with screws. Also stretching the crown to try and fit the crown... that should have been the first indication something was wrong My excuse though I did have the cold and wasn't thinking straight.

Result: Mis-shaped and a hat far to large for my head,let alone the friend that I had intended it to be for.

Learned: Using my blocks it would be better to block the hats all in one, using the screws they came with to hold them together first and stop when things are going wrong!

Next: Well I've ordered another piece of felt to make a new hat with and I'm going to recycle the failed one for parts. That I think is one of the brilliance of hat making... even if I do make a mistake I can just recycle the mistake and move on. This time though the hat will be perfection, because I will not accept any less!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have made a disaster piece, would anyone else like to share ?
Nobody ever gets anything right first time, trial and error. I've studied clothing design and the advantage was that then I could make a toile(practice piece) to make sure my patterns were right, to get the fit right but with hats you don't have that luxury. It gets made there and then and if it's a disaster send it to the scraps bin!
So what about my readers? Have you tried to make a hat or dress go wrong? Or did your cooking go askew? I've shared why don't you? :D

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